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Pixel Core Chaperone is a unified monitoring and control platform that monitors and controls your entire infrastructure.


Pixel Core Chaperone is a unified monitoring and control tool which enables users to monitor any resource. At its core is a system that is responsible for configuration, data management, and probing. Chaperone provides beautiful dashboards, tightly integrated with the configuration back-office. Solution based on Chaperone will minimize the efforts to configure and maintain monitoring infrastructure.


Human error, configuration issues, and environmental factors can all contribute to system outages. Implementing robust monitoring is one of the most basic and simple ways to prevent these outages from happening in the first place.


Through advanced scripting support, self-healing functionality will allow for more effective use of human resources. Resource usage thresholds and alerts can be triggered via email or SMS notifications.


Keeping your contract obligations with regards to network availability is a top priority to service providers. With the ability to report on performance, you can easily meet the requirements of SLAs and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.


Monitoring tools give you that historic insight into how equipment has performed over time. Trend analysis helps you determine if your current technology can scale to meet business needs, or if you need to invest in new technology.


With technology innovation and the rise in popularity of connected devices, today’s IT environments are growing. Whether you have internet-enabled sensors, wireless devices, or cloud technologies, this equipment needs to be monitored continuously for major fluctuations and suspicious activity.


In a down situation, time is money. Chaperone monitoring solution makes pinpointing the problem easier and faster for time-strapped network professionals.

Concentrate all multi-disciplinary data in your centre of operations

Collect data from millions of IoT devices scattered around the globe, information from stationary systems and moving targets on the water, land and in the air, imagery and video data and much more. Process the data in real time and react accordingly. Caperone is capable of delivering all this and much more on time and budget.

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The Chaperone is more than just a product, it's a way of thinking.

Provide complimentary monitoring solution for your clients

In multi-tenant environment, while retaining full picutre in its entirety, you can safely let each of your clients see only their slices of data. Your clients have their data private and protected.

Collect data from sources anywhere in the world

Listening for or receiving sensor data

The system passively receives data that is pushed to it by a device or application. This might include unexpected events, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps, detailed data flow (bandwidth monitoring), and event log messages.

Polling or querying sensor data

The system actively obtains data from a device and refreshes it at regular intervals. This includes for example, device status, resource usage, and performance metrics. The system can also consume and collect sensor data based on interfaces with for instance, HTTP or HTTPS requests, port checks, email checks, file transfer protocol (FTP) downloads, and database requests.

Teach the system to automatically react on certain situation

With programmed reactions or pluggable AI and ML modules Chaperone is a powerful tool to act on certain events. For example a rogue activity is captured on a video or image received from a satelite or a drone, the system could not only send notifications but also activate specific equipment and take specific actions.

Data collection and processing is based on server side scripting

All aspects of Chaperone and collector functionality could be adjusted without the need of programming, restarts or recompilation. Various components of the Platform use scripting support provided by the Platform out of the box. Pixel Core Integration Platform provides support for following languages out of the box:
JavaScript, Java, SQL, Velocity, CSS, XML, Properties, PowerShell, Python, R, Ruby, Shell and more

Predefined Background Processors.

The Task Scheduler is a tool included with Core Integration Framework that allows predefined actions to be automatically executed whenever a certain set of conditions is met. For example, you can schedule a task to run a backup script every night.

Built-in Scripting Support for Custom Tasks

Create custom tasks to be executed on time using built-in scripting languages such as JavaScript, Python, PowerShell and many more.

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Tools provided by Pixel Nation became an integral part of the solution provided to our customers. They allowed us to integrate a wide variety of standard based and specialized video and networking equipment into a centrally managed client facing application suite. Pixel Nation developed tools that permits us to effectively monitor and manage equipment across many sites in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Stan KoukarineCo-Founder and CTO Adara Technologies Inc.